Stay Compliant, Get Organized and Plan For The Future

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Let DAK–Tax, Inc. give you the peace of mind to get and keep you tax compliant- stay organized – and plan for the future.

DAK-Tax, inc. is a group of knowledgeable professionals offering accounting and tax services to individuals, trusts and estates, non-profits, and businesses. We take the time to get to know our clients and are dedicated to understanding their needs.

How can DAK-Tax, Inc. help you?

Stay Compliant

-Starting a Business
-Tax preparation for individuals, small businesses and corporations, trusts, estates (form 706) and non-profits
-Responding to IRS or state tax notices

Stay Organized

-Financial Statement Preparation
-Fiduciary accounting for trusts and estates

Tax Planning

-How to fund retirement plans
-Understanding the use of credits and deductions and how to use them to your benefit
-Help to plan for distributions for retirement and other events

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